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Smart Air Purifier Mask with refill HEPA Filters inside
  • Smart Air Purifier Mask with refill HEPA Filters inside

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    Product : Netum Electric Air Purfier Mask

    Model Number : NT-TRPP100

    Product material: ABS, medical grade silicone

    Product color: white, black,

    Product size: 107*95*67mm

    Operating temperature: -20℃~50℃

    Filter: 4-layer purification core

    Charging time: 2H Charging parameters: 5V/1A

    Working time: 4-6H Purification effect (PM2.5): greater than 99% Voltage: 3.7V Power: 0.8W


    • NETUM Portable Electric Air Purifier Face Mask is a Lab Tested Certified Product deliver purification effect greater than 98.9% in Outdoor Air Condition. Its Four Layer Filter Technology guaranteed purification from PM 2.5 to PM 0.5, all pollen and micro fibre particles and pollutant substance in air.


    Filter Technology – Strict Shield of multi layer filtration (1 Layer –Sterilization 2 - Activated Carbon 3 – HEPA Filter  4 – Non Woven Layer) protect, its enhanced shield protection is guaranteed for protection from all bacteria , viruses, pollutions and other chemical substance and thinnest micro particles in air.


    NO More Suffocation, NETUM Electric Mask perform All round wind circulation delivered to Mask chamber and make INHALE smoothly and comfortably, its 2 Blue LED Vents make the exhale flawlessly and clearly. This Product perfectly do its job and helpful for you not only in the time of Pandemic but for your lung safety through-out.


    Vacuum Chamber through MEDICAL Grade Silicon – 3D Engineering designs of Human Face model structure this product perfectly to its optimum utility e.g. NO Leakage or Adulteration. Its chamber get ample volume of purified air generated through its silent DC Motor passes from its 4 layer filters technology and give you comfortable and easy breathing in any outdoor condition.

    Refill Filters are easy to change and economic to use. Maintenance is quite simple just dip the filter in Luke warm water and add 1-2 drops of disinfectant in case you required dip it for 5 minutes. Now it’s ready to use again, open the magnetic case of MASK and position it to function.


    Variable Mode- Normal Mode for regular use and Sports Mode for doing exercises.



      Dust Electric Filter Activated Carbon Anti-fog PM2.5 Dustproof Portable Fresh Air Purifier Face Smart Electric mask

      FREE USB Charger

      Battery Operated

      Changable Filters - 2 UNITS OF FREE HEPA FILTERS

      Soft Silicon 3D Design for recongnising on different facials.




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