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LUXTER 305mm(12 inch) Compound Sliding Miter saw Double Bevel With Laser Mitre S
  • LUXTER 305mm(12 inch) Compound Sliding Miter saw Double Bevel With Laser Mitre S

    SKU: LXT-111

    Technical Specification -

    Wattage : 2000 Watt,

    RPM : 5000 R/M Blade Size : 305 mm or 12 Inch,

    Cutting Depth : 110 mm,

    Cutting Width : 310 mm,

    Frequency : 50HZ,

    Weight : 15 Kg.


    Laser Guider - Assisted Positioning : Luxter is known for its accuracy and precison, to ensure correct precision while cutting laser guider mark the red line to give proper idea what and how much you are cutting and left no chance of any miscalculation.


    Double LED Light - Brightness on Cutting Profile : Luxter make working easy and convinient and Double LED Lights bring ample brightness to the working table and left no need to add other light, specially helpful when using in outdoor or at site..


    Angle Adjustable - Bevel and Compound Cutting : Now Adjust your bevel level of cutting between 0-45 degree BOTH SIDE Great Advantage (No more need to turn your Plank) and make the compound by rotating the table any side of your choice and get the very smooth finish cut easily.


    Extended Aluminum Fence - Bar with Small Table Slot : Approprite position of cutting material is also very important for not only better cutting but for safety also. Luxter provide two side extension table bar for better position and to harden grip with clamps, this make working safe and easy.


    Luxter - Professional series industrial purpose machine with 1 year complete care warranty on its all products, All spare parts and accessories are easily available, so complete piece of mind with your purchase, just communicate with us when you need any service or support :


    For more details information, please email us at :, you will get response in 4-5 hours. Our Technical team is available between 10:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Saturday. All parts and accessories are available and need any installation and after sales service regarding warranty, or any other assistance for product. We can provide service to anywhere in India. Incase you need any video of the product to get more information on its working please visit youtube and search : LXT-MSM1030

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      ₹42,000.00बिक्री मूल्य
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