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FERM BGM1003 Bench Sander 150 mm, 375W, 1400 rpm
  • FERM BGM1003 Bench Sander 150 mm, 375W, 1400 rpm

    SKU: MP-02

    The new thing that we buy always give a pleasant look but after some time the colour or the appearance of the thing becomes rough and lifeless and it is very hard for anyone to bear that as this destroys the look of the room and decorum of the house. But if you wish to rejoice your stuff and bring their beauty back then you must try out the FERM BGM as this work best in sanding.

    Sanding stands for polishing the different stuff like the wooden stuff paint and many more things. The equipment is so versatile that standing belt position like structure aids the people to perform their work in most convenient manner. The FERM BGM has 375W motor that and appreciable adjustable multifunctional bench that assist one to work prominently and perfectly. Here are some of its cool and good features that can allure you.

    Special Features of FERM BGM1003 Bench Sander 150 mm 375W 1400 rpm

    • Most importantly the adjustable standing position for sanding aids you to work in relaxing way. You don't require bending more or working in an appropriate way.
    • This has the full quality to remove the large scale of paint form the unwanted area and it polishes every stuff in very beautiful manner.
    • The multifunction bench like structure aids one to work in proper and precise manner.
    • This equipment is quite flexible to use.
    • The rubber that is available in it offers great stability.
    • You can easily model large scale surface. If you feel that you need to polish large area or you wish to renew the look of your any wooden stuff then must use this equipment as it’s portable flexible and durable.
    • This equipment astounds one by its versatility and durability. It’s not at all flimsy so you don't need to bother about its protection much.

    It has also got the dust-free switch that works for longer life span.

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